I have a very keen eye for detail with an ability to see and contribute to the whole picture. Early into my graphic design career, I found I was dissatisfied with the standard of proofing my publications were receiving, and so sought to learn the principles of proof reading. From this, Bullet Proof Reading was born. On more than one occasion I have saved the day by picking up something out of place.

I can proof read hard copy, mark up PDFs or edit Word documents. I check grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency, and in a designed layout, I check for overall continuity and that everything is where it should be.

My experience includes proof reading magazines and journals, diaries, websites, annual reports, council communications, university essays, booklets and much more.

I generally charge an hourly rate and can provide a quote upon viewing your document. Click here to contact me to express your interest in my proof reading services.


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